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Apply to Sneakerfiles? I just did--

I heard @brianbetschart was looking for good folks to work with sneakers. That job is so me: I applied, here's the proof.

dateTue, Jun 1, 2010 at 10:53 PM
subjectHire me?

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Hey guys,

"I've been a heavy consumer for years. Growing up in the '80s, sneakers were an early envy. I always found ways to get the sneakers I wanted; well, later in life. Early on, I was restricted to $45 general releases from the Modell's floor. Not the wall, the floor." I sneaker blog, a little.

I'd jump at the opportunity to work with you guys in any capacity. I definitely look forward to the possibility of partnering.

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think i have a chance?
       --> let me know on twitter.