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birthday boy, follow the green lights

November 18, 2006: a birthday to remember. Simple in its implications, broad in its emotional content. I spent the day with my beau and mi abuela. We spoke of future plans, contention and our solutions. My grandmother isn't too happy about my choice in this particular woman. After her expression of distaste for mi novia, she has also accussed her of using voodoo via flan to allure me. Needless to say, I come from a very colorful family.

It used to sting but as time spends it means less to me than the day before. My actions in pursuing her, my woman, need to be driven by love, selflessness and a simple desire to be with her. The input from those around me can often pervert and distort that love, which shows me a great deal about where their hearts and minds are. If someone you love has given themselves to another person the peculiarities and particulars of that person shouldn't matter. The fact that I am in a mature, mostly, loving relationship doesn't matter to gma. I guess you can't please everybody birthday boy.

She and I checked our "Fur," the new Nicole Kidman flick, def a pleasure. I finally unDSed my China Lebron IVs, yet another pleasure. We ate at Mama's Food Shop in the Lowa, wonderful. Our cold, dry hands loosely held stick of tobacco as we walked on Houston. All in all, a solid birthday.
I'm moving out in a few days and my anticipation is mounting. Can't wait for Wednesday.

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Heidi on Vashon said...

I think any man can be swayed by a woman who can cook, make flan and create in general. There's something to be said there! You look really cute together.