“You’re living at a time of extremism, a time of revolution, a time when there’s got to be a change. People in power have misused it, and now there has to be a change and a better world has to be built and the only way it’s going to be built is with extreme methods. And I for one will join in with anyone, I don’t care what color you are, as long as you want to change this miserable condition that exists on this earth. Thank you.” Bookmark and Share Bookmark and Share


previous sentiment: black woman

Revolution skin, a term that properly depicts what you’ve lived with.
Your aura exudes a most inexplicable awe from your neighbors.
My black woman, with hair and beauty flowing down the concavity of her back. It’s held too much anguish, too much unnecessary pain. Allow me to lead you to plains of placid waters, whereby we could bathe ourselves. Allow me to wash you with words you were always skeptical of. Let me speak into you; verbally displaying your worth, your value, before God, your past and every ex that made you question.

Black woman; You who watch over yourself, allow me. Allow, me. I’m taking precedence over your fears, your insecurities, and over your need for radical feminism. Release me to advocate.

O, Black woman, symbol of valor and enduring strength, come back to the place of acceptance.

At this moment, I feel that to give myself to anyone besides a black woman would do myself injustice. I see it as several things, furthering the black community, investing in a woman with whom understands me to a greater capacity and simply loving a beautiful vessel. Watching a black woman glow is unlike anything else.

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